Introducing FidaTek's Property Management System: Simplifying Your Real Estate Endeavors.

Propel Your Real Estate Ventures with Instantaneous Updates.

Your Real Estate Ventures, Fully Managed.

Empower Your Real Estate Network with Seamless Collaboration.

Protecting Your Real Estate Ventures with Advanced Authentication.

End-to-end solutions for Real Estate professionals

Welcome to FidaTek's cutting-edge Property Management System, designed to revolutionize your real estate management experience.
Our system offers a seamless solution that empowers property owners, managers, and tenants alike. With user-friendly interfaces and powerful features, you can efficiently handle property listings, tenant communications, rent collection, maintenance requests, and more.
Say goodbye to complexities and embrace efficiency with our intuitive Property Management System. Elevate your real estate endeavors with technology that works for you.

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Elevate Your Property Ventures with Efficiency, Security, and Innovation.

Our Real Estate Solution accelerates the property transaction process, reducing wait times and ensuring quicker deals.
Make FidaTek's Real Estate Solution your choice for seamless property management. Experience efficiency, security, and growth in your real estate endeavors.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Market Differentiation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Future-Ready Solution

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Project & Property Management: Elevate Your Real Estate Endeavors

  • Efficiently list, display, and categorize properties for sale or rent.
  • High-quality images, descriptions, virtual tours, and property features.
  • Associate properties with respective agents for direct communication.
  • Attach YouTube videos to properties for enhanced visual representation.
  • Link properties to related projects for easy navigation and exploration.
  • Allow users to search properties by keywords, location, category, project, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, floor number, area range, and price range.
  • Display a distance key to showcase proximity to nearby facilities.
  • Offer multilingual support to attract a diverse range of clients.
  • Enable project and property descriptions, features, and user interfaces to be translated.

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Effortless Control and Organization

  • Create and manage real estate projects or developments.
  • Showcase project details, floor plans, and amenities.
  • Link projects to YouTube videos for virtual tours and presentations.
  • Allow users to view all properties related to a specific project.
  • Allow users to search projects by keywords, location, category, number of blocks, flat area, and price range.

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Empowerment Through Precision: User Management and Role Customization

  • User authentication and registration for clients, agents, and administrators.
  • Personalized user profiles with saved searches, favorite properties, and communication history.
  • Account creation and management for a seamless user experience.
  • Set roles for users, such as clients, agents, and administrators.
  • Control access and permissions based on user roles for a secure and organized platform.

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Visual Excellence Unleashed: Masterful Media Management & Watermark

  • Support for virtual property tours, 360-degree images, and videos.
  • Attach YouTube videos to properties and projects for immersive experiences.
  • Enhance property and project listings with various types of media.
  • Apply watermarks to images to protect them from unauthorized use.
  • Maintain the integrity of your property images while showcasing them on your platform.

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Advanced Analytics, Tracking and SEO Mastery

  • Real-time visitor tracking and analytics to understand user behavior.
  • Insights into popular property searches, user engagement, and conversion rates.

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Sorting and Listing Display Options

  • Allow users to sort property and project listings by oldest, newest, price low to high, price high to low, name A-Z, and name Z-A.
  • Provide the option to display listings in increments.

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Explore the Power of FidaTek Real Estate Solution

Efficiency, Control, and Security for Your Property Ventures.

Data Import/Export

  • Import and export property data in various formats for seamless data migration.
  • Bulk upload or update property listings for efficiency.

Responsive Design

  • Ensure your platform is accessible and user-friendly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.


  • Allow users to view property prices in multiple currencies.
  • Enhance global reach and cater to an international audience.

Powerful Search Engine

  • Advanced property search with filters like location, price range, amenities, and property type.
  • Customizable search criteria for a personalized user experience.

Agent Management

  • Create profiles for real estate agents with their contact details and expertise.
  • Assign properties to agents, allowing clients to directly communicate with them.

Package Purchases

  • Offer subscription packages to agents for listing their properties on the platform.
  • Varying package tiers with different features, such as premium placement and analytics.

Last update: 28/03/2021

Our Real Estate Solution is designed to evolve with technological advancements, ensuring that you're always equipped with the latest tools and features.
Stand out in a competitive real estate market by leveraging advanced technology to provide innovative and efficient property management services.
Make FidaTek's Real Estate Solution your choice for seamless property management. Experience efficiency, security, and growth in your real estate endeavors.

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